on our windowsill


The windowsills of our guest cabins are being frequented by all kinds of birds that we feed year-round with sunflower seeds. (in which we have to make sure to buy the right kind or the sweeties will break into a loud twitter of protest)

But not only birds come to feast on sunflower seeds - squirrels and chipmunks as well, so are the wild turkeys that have settled into our area. And - hard to believe - even deer! No wonder we are going through a 50 lb. sack of sunflower seeds faster than through a sack of potatoes!

Not only the windowsills are populated, the hawthorn bush outside one of the windows as well. Not all birds eat the seeds right there, many just take them and hack them open sitting in the surrounding trees and shrubs. They also sit in the hawthorn bush waiting to snatch a spot on the crowded windowsill. What a circus!

  The following pictures show the hungry troop at their banqet
(please click to enlarge)



Steller's Jay


Evening Grosbeak



Wild Turkeys



Evening Grosbeaks

Pine Siskin

Harris Sparrow








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