Wildlife in
our yard


Not only on our tours do we get to see all kinds of wildlife but on our property too. It doesn't happen very often that we run into a bear but there's always deer around, sometimes whole groups hanging out around our apple trees or at the guest cabins.

Coyotes are also passing through, their eerie howling giving us goosebumps. Of cougars we only see their tracks in the snow but we know they are around. Here and there we see some Wapiti elk, and sometimes even a moose in the field.

A variety of small critters are also scurrying around, like rabbits, marmots, squirrels and chipmunks. Therefore - don't forget your camera when going for a walk through our property.

  Here is a collection of wildlife photos:
(please click for a larger version)


Family of deer
at our fire place

Black bear at
the guest cabin

Cougar tracks
in the snow

Bear eating
Hawthorn berries

Marmot on
a fence post

Wild turkeys
at the guest cabin

Bear smelling
the compost

Wapiti elk in
the neighbour's field

Coyote on
our road

Bambi outside
the kitchen window

Packrats are
cute too

Ruffed grouse
in full plumage


Sometimes we get visits from skunks too. Dale has built a special trap to catch them. Then we drive them up a forest road and let them go. Click here to see a little video about releasing a skunk:


A skunk in the trap


Bears wander through our yard too, especially when the berries on the many hawthorn bushes that we have on our property ripen. Dale and I shot two videos of a bear munching on hawthornberries:


Black bear eating hawthorn berries


Black bear eating hawthorn berries #2


Watch our slide show to see more photos of wildlife
that we encounter on our tours:


Wildlife of British Columbia






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