Winter Pictures

Winter is a wonderful time around here, with mild temperatures, plenty of snow
and lots of things to do.

Inonoaklin River near Edgewood

Eagle Creek at Edgewood

Nature's ice sculptures on the Monashee Highway

Guest cabin in the snow

Skies and snowshoes being unloaded -- ready to take off!

Picnictable at guest cabin 1 covered in snow

Skitrail down past the former barn to the house

A BBQ in the snow is always fun ...

Of course, we go on backroad tours in winter, too -- even if we have to drive through avalanches!

And, of course, we go canoeing too ...

Frozen lakes are perfect for dog sled rides

Winter morning in our yard

Especially in winter time ...

... we love to soak and relax ...

... in the remote natural hot springs, nestled in beautiful forests



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